Scroll Saw Fretworking Videos

I'm currently uploading a new series of YouTube videos on Scroll Sawing.

Here are some links you might find useful if you're interested in scroll sawing and making intricate heirloom projects:



Rick's page was invaluable to me when I started scrolling.  Rick is a master fretworker and it shows.  There's a frame on the left side of the site that has info links on choosing saws, blades, saw reviews, SCROLLING TIPS, shop tips, & even pricing and selling your work. 

Wildwood Designs has a massive assortment of fretwork projects from beginner to advanced and supplies as well.

Another commercial pattern & supply site:

Vernon Brown's Scroll Saw by Land, Sea, & Air 
Over 46 patterns of trains, ships, planes, & cars (under $9.00):

Free Scroll Saw Fretwork Pattern Links:


  1. Glad to hear you're making more scroll saw videos. Your scroll work and videos are great!

  2. Reagonite71: Thanks for posting the videos for the wall hanging grandfather clock. Without these videos I never would have been inspired to make one. This was my first project using my scroll saw and it turned out great. Thanks for posting the videos and I appreciate the effort you put into making the videos and clock!

  3. Hi, I just LOVED your fret basket that you created. You mentioned in your video that you have a pattern, and just go to your blog to find it. I am here, but I have not seen it as of yet. Will you please help me find it? You are an amazing artist and I am so glad I get to learn from YOU!! From One YouTuber to the Next...I love your channel and your help that you offer!! I hope you have the BEST Week Ever!!!
    Shelly Cole~Video Content Creator~Know What Mom Knows

  4. your scroll saw video very good.
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  5. What size clock did everything you use? It would be nice to know the kind and size sawblade that you are using. Being a beginner it would be very helpful. Keep up the great work

  6. your video and picture which you share, it is very good
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  7. Howdy. I saw in one of your clock videos a pair of locomotives from the Golden Spike ceremony. Where did you purchase the plans for that? I'm a big steam engine fan and want to make the loco with the wide smoke stack - a 440 Baldwin. Any help at all would be great. Thanks

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