Drip Irrigation Series

In 2012 I decided puny soaker hoses weren't going to cut it for watering a large, long garden. 

I saw people having success using drip irrigation to handle large gardens in multiple zones AND with adding a battery powered programmable timer, the whole system could be set up on "autopilot" for a set watering schedule.

So over several videos I documented the process of putting the system in.

In the first video, I discuss my planning it out, the parts needed, and where I got them at the best cost.  How pressure compensating emitters will allow for even drip pressure from the start of the line to the end, and I even made a really bad MS Paint diagram (Hey, my figurin' worked though):

There's also a link to a low cost garden hose filter to remove chlorine & chloramine.

In Part 2 of the drip irrigation series, I begin trenching, laying PVC water supply lines, and glue up the fittings:

In Part 3, after building new raised beds, we go through the final drip tubing & emitter installation and test it out:

I also made a couple of other videos in line with working on the drip watering system... 

Here, I explain the programing of a basic battery operated water timer.  It can be programed to turn on and off up to four times a day with water times between 1 minute and hours:

Another is a quick video I did for those unfamiliar with how easy it is to glue up PVC pipe.  Mrs. Reaganite makes her first full appearance in this video:

In the final analysis, I HIGHLY recommend going with a real drip irrigation system.  The pressure & the schedule is consistent, I've actually SAVED money in watering my biggest garden ever, and when it's HOT and I don't want to be outside watering, it takes care of it for me. 

And lets not forget the fact that consistent watering means less blossom end rot on veggies like tomatoes. ;-)


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  2. None of your videos are showing up above. How can I get to a page that has the videos? jcarlson@dslextreme.com Thanks for the info.