July 5, 2014

Our Family 4th of July at Reaganite Sr.'s Place

We headed out to Reaganite Sr.'s place for a family 4th of July cookout & fireworks.  Along the way, I managed to sneak into his garden and escape with a few video clips.  I have it on good authority his tomatoes are STILL GREEN ;-)

He also managed to hog the watermelon during the festivies, but it was pretty entertaining ;P
(Love ya dad... hehe)


  1. Thank you for sharing your family festivities! Lightning bugs!! I haven't seen those since I was a little girl visiting family in Flintstone, Maryland. What area were you in that you were able to see lightning bugs? We live in the Dallas, Texas area.

  2. Yeah, that was neat. It was like it's own 4th of July show, lol. Sr. lives Just South of Fort Smith Arkansas. Thanks for watching!