May 15, 2014

We're in the mid 40's this morning and dropping!

It's been one the of the coldest years on record (thank you global warming), but wow.  At 3:00am in Fort Smith it was 46 degrees... on May 15th. is forecasting that we'll get down to 40 degrees this morning.  When I walked outside in shorts earlier today, I got instant goose bumps. 

Just insane for May around here.


  1. Waiting for the rain to leave and the cool to begin. Thank Goodness we're going to be having highs of 70. Low are going to be in the mid to high 40s though! Time to get out the tomato warmers!

    1. Yeah, we're suppose to have another night in the 40's. If we ever were going to have a "cold day in July", I do believe this is the year.

  2. Same weather for us. Wet and cold. I am in sweats again. My husband complains about global warming all the time,lol.

  3. We touched the frost level a few days ago here in SLC. I was very impressed with the tomato plant that bounced back in one of your post April frost videos.