May 14, 2014

In the I "need" this for our next vacation category

Going on vacation soon? Check this out:

MyFly Bag Personalized Carry-On

Luggage Pro has a product called the MyFly Bag.

It allows you to customize your very own carry-on suitcase! Whether its pictures from your favorite family vacation or your company logo for corporate gifts or a photo of a favorite pet or loved one, the MyFly Bag guarantees you'll travel in style and have memories that will last a lifetime! AND, it will stand out in the baggage carrousel and be easier to spot amongst all the look alike luggage out there. This custom made suitcase lists for $149.00 with free shipping from their website above! 

A great big fat tomato on my suitcase.  That'd be easy to spot in baggage claim ;-)

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