November 4, 2013

Progress on the Wall Hanging Grandfather Clock...

Here's an update on my construction of Wildwood Design's Wall Hanging Grandfather Clock.  What follows are sneak peek screen shots from what will be part two of the video series on this project.

Part 1 of the video series is here in case you missed it.

I've cut out three levels of shelving.

Cut out multiple brackets for the upper fretwork section...


Cut out a lower support bracket...


And I cut out the bottom.
I'll be doing this video with a lot of sped up shots set to music since there are just basic cuts involved that I've covered in earlier scroll sawing videos.
If you're a new to scrolling and would like a really good primer on some basic cutting techniques, I've found another video that has some good information and offers a free template for cutting practice:
You'll find that video HERE:
Scroll Saw Cutting for Beginners
The practice template that goes with that video is also available HERE.  By practicing on cheap wood, you'll save a money since you won't be turning expensive hardwood into designer kindling ;-)
I hope to have part two live on YouTube within a day or two of this post.
Well, I'm about seven hours into the project now and only have about five and a "half" pieces left to cut out, thanks to stack cutting.  So I better get back to work...
Thanks for stopping by today!

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