November 16, 2013

Inside Cuts are DONE on the Wall Hanging Grandfather Clock! Video coming soon

I spent this week knuckled down in the shop finishing the inside cuts on the Wall Hanging Grandfather Clock...

One thing I've found is that projects take a LOT longer when one has to set up lighting and multiple video camera shots  LOL. 

From looking at the patterns in the first episode to having all pieces cut out and ready to sand has taken about 19 1/2 hours.  I probably could shave an hour and a half if I were not making videos of the process. ;-)

Stack cutting on the scroll saw saves
a lot of time and repetition of inside cuts

Intricate projects like this will often have many repeating patterns.  It's easy to feel overwhelmed if you haven't done this before, just relax and take it one hole at a time.  If you get tired or overly bored, take a break and come back later.
Vines are a big part of this clock throughout and really look neat once all of the cuts are complete.
This one crown piece has 48 inside cuts.
The entire clock has 434 inside cuts.  If my math was right ;-)

The final piece was the clock face.  I used a 3/8" forstner bit to drill the center hole for the movement and then completed the inside cuts.
The Wall Hanging Grandfather Clock pattern & supplies:
Wildwood offers a choice between Chime movements (#2559)...
or quiet mini quartz movements (#2504) for the clock mechanism...
 The chimes get annoying after a while, so I'm going with a quiet movement.  The hands are included with any movement and are available in your choice of white, black, brass, etc.
I hope to have the video edited and up on YouTube within a day or so.  It will run about 6 minutes and there will be at least one more in the series for the finishing and clock assembly.
Thanks to everyone who's been following along, I hope the series has been a help and encouragement to those thinking about getting a scroll saw or current scrollers that want to step up their game. :)
The video series:

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