November 13, 2013

Half OFF Year magazine subscriptions coming up this week:

A lot of YouTube creators and users are upset at the new requirement to have a G+ account to comment on videos. 
In honor of that, here's a couple of good magazine deals, so that you have something to read while setting that account up.  Since it's a year subscription, you can also take advantage of it while signing up for Obamacare too ;-)
Thursday, November 14th Deal:

Thu, Nov 14 Subscribe to Field & Stream, just $4.49/year from!
Use Promo Code: 1979
Regular $9.97!

Saturday, November 16th Deal:

Sat, Nov 16 Subscribe to MAD, just $11.99/year from!
Use Promo Code: 8163
 Regular: $19.97! offers:
  • Free Shipping
  • No Sales Tax
  • And subscriptions are NOT subject to automatic renewal!

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