November 25, 2013

Finishing The Wall Hanging Grandfather Clock...

The finishing phase of the Wall Hanging Grandfather clock scroll saw project has been underway this past week:

 Once all the pieces are completed on the scroll saw, I pick the packing tape off and wipe down any paper scroll saw patterns left behind with mineral spirits.  This soaks through the paper and makes it lift right off after giving it just a little bit of time to penetrate the paper and adhesive:
 Next I palm sand with a 220 fine sandpaper:

Then I clear the piece of sanding dust with a small air compressor.  This makes clearing the fretwork areas MUCH easier:

Next I use my Rockler personalized electric wood engraver to leave a permanent reminder of who made this heirloom piece.  It's nice to know that will be around long after I'm gone (hopefully):

Then I dip the pieces in boiled linseed oil.  This brings the red oak a nice golden color and raises the wood grain:
After dipping, I wipe off the excess and then continue getting the excess off with the air compressor.  This also helps the liquid penetrate the wood and dry it faster at the same time:
 Next I hang the pieces from the ceiling and give them two days to dry:
 Once dry, I seal the wood with Deft semi-gloss (or satin) clear lacquer:

Once they've dried completely, I'll start the assembly phase of the project.

It won't be long now until I've got a nice heirloom clock to give Mrs. Reaganite ;-)


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