October 12, 2013

The Joys of Mechanical Breakdowns or Where to Get DeWalt 788 Scroll Saw Replacement Parts

Early this week, I finished the scroll saw basket videos HERE.  The next day I started on the latest video, on how to do compound cuts on the scroll saw to make neat 3D projects...

Everything was going just fine.  And I made it about halfway through the project...

Then disaster fell.  I was having a hard time getting the blade chuck thumb screw to stay tight.  When I would put tension on the blade it would slip right up the saw blade.  So I did all the usual stuff.  I popped the thumbscrew out and roughed the flat portion up with a bit of sand paper.  Then I took a pair of pliers and added a touch of extra torque to the screw on several occasions to help keep the hold tight on the blade.
Somewhere along the way, the threads of the blade chuck assembly (That the thumbscrew goes into) stripped and that's a bad thing...
With the video production at a dead stop and having lost the DeWalt 788 manual years ago it was off to the web to look for a manual and a place to get replacement parts.
Here's what I found:
The place is Ereplacementparts.com and they had a downloadable PDF of the DeWalt 788's parts schematic
They've also made ordering the parts easy with a listing below the schematic by manual number.  I was surprised to find that the table alone on the DeWalt accounts for almost half the price of a new model.  Wow.
I ordered the blade chuck, new thumbscrew, and bolts and the total was around $27 with Priority Mail shipping.  Hopefully they'll be in Monday and I can get her fixed on Tuesday and finish the video. 
I found it very handy and convenient for replacing parts and thought my fellow DeWalt scrollers might find it useful as well.


  1. I really appreciate your detailed scroll saw reviews - found them extremely helpful. By any chance, is this list available worldwide?