July 8, 2013

You Can Barter For Just About Anything With Your Canned Goods!

A few weeks ago I made trade deal with my new buddy up in Backyard Kansas, USA, CJFLYER on YouTube.

CJFLYER is a Cessna demonstration pilot & gardener.  He calls his greenhouse the HydroHangar. 

Now I've been flying since the early '90's and got my commercial pilot ratings & became a flight instructor back in 2001 (not a good year to get in the business), but there's a ready made connection between us based on the world of aviation.

CJ's pretty funny.  He made a video after we selected a winner for the R71 subscriber contest we held acting like he had won. He wanted to thank all the little people that made his "win" possible and then proceeded to explain he was going to sell everything he won on eBay and maybe buy some hats:
He also claimed he was going to rename his compost pile "Mount Reaganite".
So I sent him a message and I told him I would trade him a jar of my fire roasted salsa if he could get me a cool Cessna HAT and boy did he come through:
And a few days ago, he made a new one with some suggestions on how I could break in the new hat:

This guy's a hoot.  Stop by his channel and say hi, subscribe, and tell him Reaganite71 sent you.
And remember, there's no limit to what you can barter with when you can your own food! ;-) LOL

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