July 6, 2013

Report from Tomatoville: Um, I got some canning to do. I've never had this many tomatoes at one time!

45 tomato plants.   I thought, no big deal.  Lots of tomatoes coming off at once will make it easier to can.  LOTS of salsa.  Lots of tomatoes to put back.  We can even make tomato sauce, spaghetti sauce, maybe even pizza sauce too (if I could find a good zesty recipe).

Well the time has come to deal with the bounty.  And I DO mean bounty.

Here's what my dining room table (with the center leaf in) & kitchen counter look like:

Yesterday I picked about 46. 

This was TODAY's pick of over FIFTY
 These are from the first part of the week.
It's the middle of the night and I just flash froze a few more large red cherry heirlooms too:
Mrs. Reaganite advised me that you don't have to core out Large red cherries since they can be eaten whole.  Good to hear!  That'll save a little time. 
I'm telling you, I must have about 40lbs of tomatoes on my table.  Our game plan for tomorrow is to make another 9 pints of salsa to go with the six we have put back (plus one in the fridge and the six we've given away), and then we start processing the tomatoes for quart jars.  I've run a case of them through the dishwasher and that will just get us started I suspect.  The crazy thing is, we'll have more to pick tomorrow. 
Any ideas on the best way can tomatoes?  Leave me a comment and let me know. 
Ah, I'll be missing all this harvesting and work in the dead of winter though, so lets soak it up while we can ;-)
Hunkered down in Tomatoville,


  1. Send some to Stafford Va. I've only picked 4 cherry tomatoes and 1 zucchini squash so far. I wish I had your problems


  2. I never knew individuals could flash freeze produce. I always thought it required a lot of special equipment, so only larger companies did this. How do you flash freeze produce? Does it require special equipment? Thanks for the great articles.

    1. I've got a big top opening freezer in our garage. I simply use a cookie sheet or pizza tray with wax paper on it, spread the cherry tomatoes out on it so that cold air can hit all parts and then set it in the freezer for about an hour. Then I pop them all in a gallon freezer bag and they won't stick/freeze together. Easy Freezy. ;-)