July 10, 2013

I Picked 113 Tomatoes Last Night!

I worked all weekend and hadn't been able to harvest for a couple of days.  Last night I got out in the garden before sundown with a couple of BIG buckets and boy what a haul...

Here are the totals from one nights harvest:
113 Tomatoes
33 Cucumbers
22 okra
10 ears of corn
and one lonely zucchini

The tomatoes consisted of 68 Rutgers & 25 Large red Cherries:

20 Better Boys
Even if we didn't get another tomato off the vine this year, I believe the tomato garden
has been a rousing success:
Now the heat is on.  It's 1:30pm and the remote thermometer for the garden is showing 105 degrees.  Ouch. 
Today I'm going to go outside, bake with my plants in the garden, and start shooting a video on using shade cloth and five tips to help tomatoes make it through the heat wave.  I hope to have it up by tomorrow on YouTube. 
Due to the extreme heat taking over, we'll certainly see a reduction in the daily harvest, but there are things we can do to help the plants make it through and go right back into good production following the heat wave and have a great fall harvest as well.  So be looking for that video coming soon.
 In the mean time ya'll stay cool and hydrated if you're working out in the garden in this heat.  It's brutal.


  1. I put cloths all around my tomatoes. Hoping for a miracle,

  2. Which is your favorite and most producing tomato plant? Not counting cherry tomatoes. What brand of shade cloth to you recommend?

    1. The Rutgers put on a bunch of 8oz sized tomatoes. I like the Better Boy for their size. Very good for hamburgers. Next year I think I'll also grow some Oxhearts for saucing as they are mostly meat and probably some romas as well.