July 8, 2013

Canning Progress. What We've Done So Far

Well Mrs. Reaganite and I did a bit of canning this weekend and here's what we have accomplished.

In total we now have 24 pints of salsa (we've given five away and ate 2 others so far):

Mrs. Reaganite came up with an AWESOME pizza sauce as well.  2 quarts and one pint of that:
I've just about got her read to start doing videos with me, especially cooking ones, so hopefully we can shoot one on the pizza sauce because it is amazing!
She also made three quarts of tomato juice and a pint of quartered tomatoes:

We also have 16 quarts of pickles.  2 are off screen:
I can't tell you what a good feeling it is to start vegetables from seed, see them grow & produce, harvest it, can it, and preserve it for later user. 
It's a lot of work from start to finish but boy is it satisfying.  It's also good insurance against high prices at the grocery store.  Just looking at the salsa each pint would probably cost about $5 at the store.  Most store bought salsa is sold in half pint containers. 
Multiply that by the 24 in the pic and that's $120.00 saved!  Just in salsa. ;-)
If you're interested in canning, I highly recommend you look through the Ball Fresh Preserving website and get started saving money and creating your own food insurance for your family:
Logo to http://www.freshpreservingstore.com/
For over 125 years, Ball® and Kerr® canning jars have been made in the USA. Whether you are new to canning or a seasoned preserver, shop for the tools you need.
You'll be happy you did.
Here's the link to the custom canning labels if you're interested in those:

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