June 8, 2013

YouTube One Channel Google+ Follow Button... ahhhhhh!

I've been spending some time this week trying to acquaint myself with:

YouTube's new mandatory changeover to the One Channel layout and trying to do the section categories & page art for that, setting up a Google+ profile for the YouTube page, and figuring out how to set it up, add info, navigate around it (it seems like it's a bit of a knock off of Facebook, frankly), and do my regular posts here and on FB.

I've managed to do an html link over on the right for the G+ follow button for the R71 page on there. So I think I'm done with that now.  Hopefully it's working.

You know, I used to soak up computer stuff like a sponge back in the 80's.  I started out with a Commodore 64 and had one of the first whopping fast 300 baud modems.  LOL  Now, with so many interconnected pages I'm growing gray hairs fast.  It's better than losing them though ;-)

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