June 22, 2013

Today's Garden Harvest

Just came in from the garden.  Boy is it hot out there.  I'm probably going to do a video on shade cloth late next week.

After sweating a gallon of fluids, I have brought these goodies in from the garden:

As you can see, I had a few green tomatoes that fell off the vine.  They'll be fine.  I'm just going to put them on the kitchen counter, upside down under our fluorescent counter light and they'll ripen.  You could also put them in a paper bag with an apple cut in half and they'll ripen faster.  I'm told it's the methane that helps that happen.
Stay tuned to my YouTube channel because I have videos coming up on the CalCarb results, a test of a new product called 1227 BioWash, and a video on a better way get compost tea to your garden from your tea barrel.


  1. Nice harvest. Surprise Mrs Reaganite with a snack of Fried Green Tomatoes.


  2. Nice one, you can also put them in with a ripe banana, that will help them ripen too.