June 14, 2013

Reaganite71 Gardening Shirts?

I've been thinking about making some t-shirts.  Some logo ones, some funny ones, etc. 

I thought, what the heck, I'll play around with a few t-shirt designs and if nothing else, I'll have some shirts to wear while I shoot gardening videos.  I decided that I may as well post them here so ya'll could take a look at them.  I have a few, I think, that are fun and expressive of how I feel on tomatoes, composting, etc. 

The shirt store is at: http://reaganite71.spreadshirt.com/  (There's a link on the right sidebar also)

Here are a few of the designs I've come up with:


There's also a link to where you can take the designs and put them on any accessory or apparel product they offer, if you don't find the right preselected style or color.

I wanted to use spreadshirt.com, because they're much cheaper than other online stores that take care of everything from printing to shipping (like cafepress - which costs an arm and a leg to custom print).  Our actual markup is extremely small in relation to the cost of the goods and printing and I think they offer a fair price and I know others on YouTube have used them and have been pleased with the quality.

At any rate, there it is if you might be interested in supporting what it is I do on YouTube.  Thanks ;-)

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