April 11, 2013

Cheap & Easy Raised Bed Garden Addition

The other day we realized we were short of space for a strawberry patch so I went down to Home Depot and bought:

3 - 6' dog eared cedar fence boards : $2.38 each

& a few 90 degree angle brackets: .58 cents each

I already had several feet of 1x2 firing strips and here's what I came up with:

I used the angle brackets to connect two of the six foot lengths to the existing raised bed:

Then I measured and cut the two foot lengths and used brackets there:

I used the firing strips to firm up and give stability to the 6' long sections and simply angled a reciprocating saw and lopped them off after I screwed them in:

Finally, I laid cardboard down to prevent weed & grass growth, worms love it too!

A two by six strawberry patch addition to the old beds that cost a grand total of $10.62!



  1. Looks good. How tall are the boards? Are they 2 inches wide?

  2. The boards are just under six inches wide and 1" thick. They're standard dog eared cedar fence boards (Less than $2 each at Home Depot).