April 28, 2013

A Few Pics From Working In The Garden Today...

We managed to get quite a bit planted today. 

Green onions were transplanted and seeded

We sowed radishes, leaf & Iceberg lettuce,  more Russian Mammoth sunflowers, 30 bantam sweet yellow corn and stringless pole beans to run up the corn and sunflowers. 

I also transplanted the watermelon.

We also started putting in marigolds in the beds to deter insects and attract pollinators.

And THEN... we found what we thought was a snake in the compost...
But it was actually a GIANT worm!  I'd say this fella loves him some "Drunken Compost"!
Finally, we had cilantro & sweet basil that over wintered... 
Now it's a cilantro tree ;-)


  1. Wow! thats one huge worm. I have lived in the country all my life and have never seen one even half that size.

  2. Replies
    1. When it bolted last year we slid it to where it is now and left it alone. That and the sweet basil made it through the winter and came back strong this spring. LOL

    2. Wow, How cold does your winters get? I dont think our lows this past winter dropped below 20 degrees. We didnt have any more than a total of 6" snow all winter. we are in zone 6b

    3. We had several snows and got down to the 20's some. 7b here.