April 11, 2013

04-10-13 YouTube Gardening Update Video is up

It's not Winter and it's not quite Spring.  I call it "Spring-ter". 

In this video you'll see the massive growth of my red solo cup transplants (I have cucumbers with multiple blooms & tomatoes that are looking really good), The effects of a spring-ter storm (half the garden is under a monsoon, and I'll also show you my newly created garden blog and Facebook page, with links to insect and vegetable problem ID websites. 

I also show you a neat and easy way to watch YouTube videos on your TV, how to get FREE Boogie Brew compost tea, and demonstrate how much better schedule 200 PVC works as a grabber clip than regular 3/4" (shown in the previous video on building a convertible mini greenhouse).

Thank you for watching and your support!

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